Called to Live

Belief in the resurrection of everyone whom God loves should disturb many people: emboldening some to dare to challenge the status quo while making others fear that the future will be different.

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Seeing Jesus

Meeting a blind man in the New York Port Authority Terminal building formed my understanding of people with disabilities.


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The First Evangelist

Are you seeking that big faucet in the sky?

Are you living the rat race and at least occasionally wondering which rats are winning and if its worth even running? Are you wondering how your contributions fit into the Kingdom of God? Are making an eternal difference, helping to usher in Jesus’ promised future on earth as it is in Heaven? May be you look around and want to make sense of the confusion of life all around us.

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Throughout history people have tried to separate their religious life from other pursuits thinking that one ought not to affect the other.

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The Skirl: March 2017

Read in this month’s edition of The Skirl:

  • Robert’s Ramblings: Divine Reading
  • Kirkin’ o tha Tartans photographs
  • Weekday School doings and photos
  • Faith Formation for Adults and Children
  • Calendar, book club, prayers of the people, and other interesting articles.

Click on this link to get your March 2017 issue of The Skirl at the speed of light!

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Joyful Worship

8:15 am & 10 am


420 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace, Florida

Sharing the love of God, the peace of Christ,
and the power of the Holy Spirit with everyone.

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church, a community of Christ-centered believers, welcomes all people to worship with us. Working together in harmony we spread God’s message of love, joy and peace to each other, our community, and the world.

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