Daily Devotions

Looking for readings to start or end your day? Try D365 or the Daily Lectionary.

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Hear Mac Frampton in Concert

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church presents
an evening with Mac Frampton playing everything from Gershwin to Billy Joel to J. S. Bach at 7:00 PM, on Saturday, November 12th, 2016.
Proceeds to benefit Trinity Café

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Life is like sailing a ship. Sometimes to get to your destination you need to change course, even back track, to avoid sandbars, to utilize prevailing winds, or to avoid heavy seas.

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Thumbs Up

Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas

The years have not been kind to chocolate ice cream sodas. Drug store soda counters have nearly disappeared. These oases were once staffed by a soda jerk, who knew from memory  just the right amount of milk and chocolate syrup to add to a tall glass before squirting in seltzer water while leaving room to drop in two scoops of chocolate ice cream.

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Treasured Words

I frequently meet people who have convinced themselves they do not need church, that their faith is strong enough that they can and will regularly pray and study the Bible.


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Why five brothers?

Parables, especially in the first century were a well developed art form. Each word used in a parable, especially in its original language, is carefully chosen to pack meaning into the fewest number of words to facilitate memorization and repetition.

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Toes with faces

Joyful Worship

8:15 am & 10 am


420 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace, Florida

Sharing the love of God, the peace of Christ,
and the power of the Holy Spirit with everyone.

Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church, a community of Christ-centered believers, welcomes all people to worship with us. Working together in harmony we spread God’s message of love, joy and peace to each other, our community, and the world.

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